Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Preschool or Pre-K Practice Pages

A successful school year wrapped up!  Not all years are as great as this one was.  We were blessed to have wonderful teachers all around this year.  Now my challenge is to make sure my kids retain that knowledge until the fall. 

The twins are getting set to go into kindergarten this fall and my youngest is getting ready for preschool.  I still remember the moment of terror with my son when he came home the first week of kindergarten with a spelling test.  That's right, week one of kindergarten includes a spelling test.  I still can't get over it.  Now that I know what's coming, we're going to be ready for it. (Insert Braveheart music here.)  

The biggest tool I have are these dry erase boards that I made. 

I looked all over the place for some writing practice pages and wasn't quite happy with anything I found so I made these up and thought maybe you'd find them helpful too.  You can save yourself a million dollars in ink by putting them in a frame and using it as a dry erase board.  I got these frames for $3 each (I took off the picture stand from the back to make it flat.)  And of course, they are glass so supervision is needed.  These work so so so well.

Here are the practice pages. (***Please do not use for any commercial purpose.  They are meant to be free.)  For the alphabet page, I printed out the blank one and just wrote the letters by hand.   

The blank page is the most useful. I'll be filling it in when school starts with their spelling words each week.
You can also use this website to create custom worksheets of your own.  (It tries to get you to download the worksheet maker but you don't have to do that.  You can make the worksheets on their site and print them - just click the links at the bottom.  Use the small gray box along the left side near the bottom to enter your own information.) 

FOR PRESCHOOL: I have my preschooler trace the letters and numbers. Then we work on identifying the different colors and counting out loud.

FOR KINDERGARTEN: My kindergarteners-to-be practice writing the letters and numbers next to the example. Then we practice random words on the blank page. We review colors and counting.

Good luck!

Here's to all things free!

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